Monday, November 5, 2012


Every time I turn on the TV or radio I hear much about Sandy and it's devastation.  The interesting thing is as time goes on the background sounds are beginning to mimic the sounds we heard after Katrina.  I hear people yelling in anger, "No one is helping us!", "We need water!" , "Where is the help for us?".  One woman interviewed at a gas line said it was like an apocalypse movie with vehicles and debris everywhere, lines for gas and food blocks long.  I have to wonder how many times will history repeat itself until people get the idea that you HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN! 

You will not find preppers in those lines, they would have loaded up and bugged out to their bug out locations.  They have enough gas stored to get where they need to go, and they are taking their food, water and family with them.  Those preppers in the fringe areas that were able to stay in their homes are probably enjoying a cup of hot coffee in the morning, they are enjoying a hot meal at night and have no need to go out and search for water or pray the government comes along with MRE's or soup lines.  They are not worried about gas shortages because they have several 5 gallon containers that they have been rotating out on a regular basis and have taken it with them when they bugged out or they have it safely stored away in case they need to get somewhere.

The picture above was taken just this weekend (11/3/12) at a neighborhood store in New Jersey.  There are some things available but lots of stores look like this one due to having to either throw everything away from flood contamination or because of looting and/or people trying to get everything they needed last minute. 

Seriously?  Is this what you want for yourself and your family?  So many people laugh and make fun of preppers.  I hear it all the time, they aren't worried.  God will provide.  That's what the government is for.  Seriously?

 I'm worried all the time about keeping my family taken care of.  It's MY job to feed and clothe my family.  God will indeed provide for us, He has given me a brain to plan ahead, He has given me direction on how to do that just like he did Noah, Joseph and many others.  He wants us to survive and protect our families.  If you are willing to wait for who knows how long and put your kids to bed hungry, thirsty, cold and wet then I suggest you go ahead and wait for the government to help you.  I personally do not want to wait around for something to happen before I am spurred into action.  We all live where something could happen.  Earthquake, hurricane's, flood, tornado's, droughts, loss of jobs, etc.   What is wrong with preparing for those things?  At the least you have a full pantry, you have medicine, you have gas and dry goods (toilet paper, garbage bags, wipes, etc) You can help someone else or a family member who has experienced a job loss and needs help or someone at your church or in your neighborhood who requires some additional help. 

I don't care if there are people who think I am "odd" or a "hoarder" just because I try to be ahead of the game by keeping my freezer, pantry and gas tank full.  I have a plan that I can evacuate if needed and take all my "stuff" with me.  I know where to go and keep my family safe, fed and protected.  I hope you are considering this too.  It's not so far-fetched when you turn on the news and see it happening right now in this country.  If you haven't started an emergency preparation you should start today.  It all starts with just one shopping trip and buying just a few extra items and putting them aside.  Dried or shelf stable milk, a case of toilet paper, extra soap.  Just a few items and an inventory list of "needed" items and you are on your way to having what you need in a crisis.  You don't have to worry about 8 years worth of food and goods, you just need to worry about a few weeks worth of things to start with.  Practice a plan to evacuate and how to get your goods to another location or a way to have them there when you get there.  A plan to keep your family together or reunite if separated.  Plan Plan Plan.  FEMA asks that you have 3 days food and water on hand, they suggest that 2 weeks would be even better.  Do you have 3 days to 2 weeks food and water, medical needs, hygiene needs etc on hand.  Where are you going to use the toilet?  Where are you going to bathe and wash clothes?  How are you going to do those things?  If you don't know, now is the time to start learning and planning. (see

Now more than ever this needs to be a priority. 

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