On Wednesday, the government said it expected the record-breaking weather to drive up the price for groceries next year, including milk, beef, chicken and pork. The drought is now affecting 88 percent of the corn crop, a staple of processed foods and animal feed as well as the nation’s leading farm export.

On Good Morning America this morning  they reported that milk and beef prices will go up 27 cents by early next year, eggs 18 cents and corn has already jumped 50% since June. That doesn't seem like much but you have to consider how much that amount will grow by the time it gets to the grocery store and the consumer. 

Starting a pantry designed for a longer term than just to the next trip to the grocery store really does have to be thought out.  What do you use a lot of, what do you use once in awhile etc.  Since I have always had a long term pantry (for at least a month or longer of meals) it comes pretty natural to me.  I would suggest you start out by taking a complete inventory of what you already have.  Put down on paper every item in your food pantry,  every item in your medicine cabinet and every item in your garage or garden shed etc.  Yeah it will be some work and it will take awhile.  If you are not a "list" maker you should start.  Keep  your lists and items you need to note will be the items you buy over and over at every shopping trip.  This will help you make your inventory list of things you need to bulk up on.  The Mormons or Latter Day Saints (LDS) have some really good lists on their websites of how much of each thing should be stored ideally for each person.  But of course you have to tailor it to what your family uses and doesn't use.  15 lbs of dried fish just won't be part of a diet of a person who doesn't like fish!