Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This and that

It's been a week of changes here. My husband Jack was diagnosed with diabetes last Thursday. So some major changes in diet are about to take place. We of course got a lot of info from family and friends and we are going to take a few classes so we will have some good guidelines for practical use.

I am thinking of how to change my husbands favorite recipes to healthier ones so he won't feel deprived. I love reworking recipes anyway so it will be a challenge I will enjoy. The whole family will probably benifit from the new diet-we can all afford to lose several pounds.

Granddaughter Christina is graduating next week. My how time flies! It seems just yesterday when she was singing "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me too?" She is planning to go into law enforcement so I really hope the budget in CA is balanced by the time she finishes her POST training.

We are planning our first vacation in many years and I am hoping to blog on the road as we go. We are driving to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Tombstone, Monument Valley, Salt Lake City, then we will drive to the Oregon Trail and crossover in Portland to Washington as we head to the coast for a few days. Not sure where we will go after that but I will post that as we decide. We are taking our almost 9 year old grandson along so keep you fingers crossed on that! I am hoping to find my father and step mothers graves while we are in Arizona, see some of the places I lived as a child (Vegas, Blue Diamond NV, Tempe AZ,) It should be fun anyway.

We celebrated our 67th annual "Home Coming" at our church last Sunday. What a wonderful day! We enjoyed some awesome food (church ladies are the best cooks!) and afterwards we enjoyed some truly talented people at our "Hymn Sing". My son Jon went and I was worried he might think it was taking too long but he said he really enjoyed it. Our little church was started in 1865 by the Kirk and Sinclair families who still have descendants in attendance there. There have been several prominent families who have supported,attended and built up this wonderful church. You can see many of their names on the road signs as you travel through the gold rush area. You can get an idea about our church if you are interested by visiting the website: www.stonecorralcommunitychurch.com

That's about enough for today. Got to start dinner soon and help Jonny with his homework..

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